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delightful young man; a product of portland, oregon; winners of ONE HUNDRED US DOLLARS

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Track listing:
1. Inventions
2. Roboctopus
3. Shark Attacks!
4. Shark Never Sleeps
5. Perfections
6. Octobot
7. A Hero Who Can
Hold You
8. Everybody Hates
9. Count Pointercount
10. Roboctoresignation
11. An Army of Lava Mummies
12. Deeper Than Deep
13. The Angler of Death
14. It's Always Christmas
15. Roboctowho?
16. Credits
17. Destinos

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Roboctopus is our very first studio album.
It was recorded by Jeremy Romagna over the course of
three non-consecutive days at Type Foundry Studio
here in Portland, Oregon. It's a rock opera about a
robot octopus who has no friends and ends up
committing suicide. Fun for the whole family!

Roboctopus(R) Brand Bubble (Child Size)!
So the Truth Comes Out -
The Number 1 Children's Rock Opera comes to your backyard!

Let your child experience the joys and trials of having eight arms but no one to hug with the new Roboctopus(R) Brand Bubble (Child Size) - available now!

  • See if they're fast enough to swim away from fear!
  • Let your child drift with the waves and know everyday they're closer to where they should be!
  • See if they can save the Ocean from sharks! (sharks not included)
  • Maybe they'll find the piece she left!

All the Starfish that I talk to all say the same thing:
The Roboctopus(R) Brand Bubble seams even better than Antarctica!
Order your Roboctopus(R) Brand Bubble today!
All Sales Final - And don't forget to Deem to be Upgraded!

* Bubble reeking of oil and dust is natural.
** All the loneliness your child may feel in a bubble may feel no less real.

"If your child doesn't know the basic structure of the American pop song by the time they're two or three, it's probably too late for them—and it's definitely too late for our country! Through repeated listenings to this 13 song rock opera, your child will be exposed to the fundamentals of simple and repetitive chord progressions borrowed or in some cases directly stolen from other, better songs underpinning charmingly unsophisticated melodies, in genres as varied and diverse as rock, lite rock, smooth rock, alternative rock, classic rock, folk rock, pub rock, art rock, post-punk pop rock, soft rock, corporate rock, garage rock, and country rock."
—from the liner notes by James Kaufmann, PsyD, EdD

Roboctopus: A Rock Opera For Kids now available from iTunes and eMusic; super special limited edition cds with awesome liner notes available at our shows

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